The Best Ceramic Glazes To Buy Online

Photo by Henry & Co. on Unsplash

Starting and developing your ceramic practice at home isn’t always easy but it’s a reality that many experienced, and aspiring, ceramicists have to face.

Figuring out what glazes to buy is one of these challenges, so to help you along the way, we asked the largest ceramic-related community on Instagram, @potteryforall, what they considered were the best glazes to buy on the internet. Here’s what they said:

The Best Glazes To Buy Online:

When asked “what are the best glazes to buy online”, the @potteryforall community of ceramic experts and enthusiasts most frequently recommended Amaco, Coyote, and Spectrum and less frequently recommended other options like Mayco, RPM, and Aardvark.

When asked to rank them based on who they considered was the best one to buy online, here’s how they voted:

1. Amaco

With 51% of the votes, Amaco was voted the best ceramic glazes to buy online.

When asked why, here’s what some members of the community had to say:

Where to purchase: You can purchase Amaco glazes directly from their website or on Amazon.

2. Spectrum

With 24% of the votes, Spectrum was voted the second best ceramic glazes to buy online.

Where to purchase: If you’re interested in buying Spectrum glazes you can get them through The Ceramic Shop or their list of distributors.

3. Coyote

With 8% of the votes, Coyote glazes were voted the third best ceramic glazes to buy online.

Where to purchase: If you’re interested in buying Coyote glazes you can purchase through their website or The Ceramic Shop.

4. Others

And finally, “other” options like Mayco, RPM, and Aardvark and many others came in with 24% of the votes.

Tell us who YOU think should be included and why!

Now that you’ve read about how a group of ceramicists voted, if you think we missed a great glaze supplier or valuable information, you can share your opinion by leaving a comment in this article or by DMing us at @potteryforall on Instagram. We want to continually update and edit this list over time :)

Oh, and if you want to learn more about glazes, here are some resources that we think you might find useful:

We hope this article is helpful. Best of luck on your search!

If you’d like to learn more about other topics like the best ceramic kilns to buy online, the best pottery stamps, the best ceramic clay, the best ceramic banding wheels and a whole bunch more please check out our articles on our ceramic blog and follow us on Instagram at @potteryforall to participate in the type polls featured here.




Ceramic & pottery guides sourced from the biggest ceramic community on Instagram, @potteryforall 🍶

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Pottery For All

Ceramic & pottery guides sourced from the biggest ceramic community on Instagram, @potteryforall 🍶

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